FriendsOfThe Friends of St Mary and St Eanswythe Parish Church began on 21st March 2014 and is dedicated to the preservation of St Mary and St Eanswythe’s church as a place of Christian worship and a focal point of historical interest for residents and visitors to folkestone. All the funds raised will be devoted to the upkeep of the building and to the furthering of public understanding of its history, architecture and significance.

The first target is to raise substantial funds for repairs to the church roof and resultant damage to the walls and fabric of this beautiful church through water penetration. Over the years both time and weather had taken their toll and after inspection the situation was found to be much worse than anticipated. Suggested costs were anything up to £150,000.

Membership is open to all and they welcome friends locally and throughout the world. Become a friend of St Mary and St Eanswythe Parish Church and help to preserve and protect this wonderful building.

You can also help by buying or donating to the virtual Ebay shop ‘folkestonefriends2014’. Alternatively you may be able to offer an hour or two a week stewarding in the Church which would enable us to keep our doors open as often and for as long as possible so that as many people as possible can enjoy this inspiring building.

To find out more please visit: or follow them on Twitter: @sainteanswythes