Please support the work of the parish and the maintenance of our ancient and beautiful church by making a donation.

Why donate?

Our parish covers most of central Folkestone, from the sea front to the North Downs, and includes two church schools and some of the most deprived areas of the town. We need to reach out to a large population many of whom live some distance from the church.

We have a small regular congregation at our Sunday services and so cannot raise enough money to pay our share of the Diocese’s expenses (including paying for and housing our priest), our own day to day running expenses plus the maintenance of an ancient and historic building purely from the collection plate on Sundays. Covid-19 considerations make it difficult for many of the regular congregation to attend at the moment.

We are custodians of the relics of our own patron saint, something unique within the British Isles. We feel a duty to spread the message of St Eanswythe and make our church a place of pilgrimage in company with other significant churches and sites in Kent. Attracting pilgrims and visitors, and making them welcome in our church, comes at a cost.

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