Safeguarding Policy and Contacts

The Parochial Church Council 

  • will comply with the Child Protection Policy statement of the Church of England and accepts the responsibilities of the parish for all work with children and young people carried out in the name of the church as set out in the House of Bishops’ publication “Protecting all God’s children”
  • will follow the procedures and guidance contained within “Protecting all God’s children” and diocesan child protection Guidelines
  • will appoint a Child Protection Co-ordinator

The Child Protection Policy statement of the Church of England

The Church of England, in all aspects of its life, is committed to and will champion the protection of children and young people both in society as a whole and in its own community.

It fully accepts, endorses and will implement the principle enshrined in the Children Act 1989 that the welfare of the child is paramount.

The Church of England will foster and encourage best practice within its community by setting standards for working with children and young people and by supporting parents in the care of their children.

It will work with statutory bodies, voluntary agencies and other faith communities to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people.

It is committed to acting promptly whenever a concern is raised about a child or young person or about the behaviour of an adult, and will work with the appropriate statutory bodies when an investigation into child abuse is necessary.

Safeguarding Contacts

Parish Safeguarding Officer:

Caroline Hayward

07876 358918 (for general enquiries please contact the Parish Office on 01303 252947)

Safeguarding Matters (information for vulnerable adults):