Weekly News

Visiting times

The church is currently closed to visitors on Mondays due to unavailability of volunteer welcomers.

Covid-19 Guidelines from 6th February 2022

  • Although not mandatory, we ask that you wear a face covering if you can.
  • Social distancing remains voluntary – before sitting next to someone please check they don’t mind.
  • Priests will dip your wafer in the wine before you receive it. If you prefer an undipped wafer, please let them know.
  • Refreshments will be offered after our Sunday service.
Refreshments are served on Sundays after the Eucharist. If you can help serve them, please sign up on the rota at the back of church. Thank you!


Children’s Church

The dates and topics for our Children’s Church sessions are on our About/FAQ page.

Weekly Pew Sheets

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The latest Music List: Music List May 2023

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