Weekly News

Rev David Railton MC, the originator of The Unknown Warrior

The Friends of St Mary and St Eanswythe are mounting an exhibition about Rev Railton at Folkestone Museum from Friday 30th October to Thursday 24th December, although it is possible that the exhibition may run until March 2021 to make up for the November lockdown. Further details are on our Unknown Warrior page.

NEW! Dial-a-Sermon

You can now hear the most recent Sunday sermon by dialling 01303 768111 in addition to listening through our Sermons and Services page. Please pass the number to anyone you know who might like to hear the sermon but is not able to do so online.
Local phone rates apply. This service will continue even after the lockdown ends.

This Week

We regret to announce that public services are suspended until 6th December. 

We are pleased to confirm that thanks to the dedication of our volunteer welcomers our church will remain open for quiet ‘individual prayer’ during the lockdown as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 11.00-13.00
Sunday: 12.00-13.00  

Morning Prayer and Sunday services will be streamed on Facebook and/or YouTube, please see our social media pages (links at the bottom of the page) and our Sermons and Services page. 

During the suspension of public worship we will not produce a weekly pew sheet.

THE SICK:  Irene, Alan and Andrew Birch, Jean Anderson, Anne Jarrett, Sheila Blundell, Pam Hinton, Sherry, Tris, Gillian Thompson.

Please let the Clergy or Churchwardens know if you are aware of any of our congregation who are sick or would welcome pastoral contact.

THE RECENTLY DEPARTED:   Paul Bauhahn, Norman Cavell.

ANNIVERSARIES: 29th Philip Ford, 30th Peter Grist, 3rd Dec Leslie Bowles.


This month’s music list: Music list Nov 2020

Previous music lists are on the Choir and Organ page.