Weekly News

Please note that as of March 17th public worship is suspended in line with Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice from the Church of England. As of March 23rd the church will be closed in accordance with Church of England advice.


This Week

During the suspension of public services there will be no weekly news sheet.

Please remember in your prayers:

THE SICK:  Irene, Alan and Andrew Birch, Jean Anderson, Anne Jarrett, Sheila Blundell, Vix.

Please let the Clergy or Churchwardens know if you are aware of any of our congregation who are sick or would welcome a pastoral visit or phone call. If you would like someone included in the prayer list please email the Parish Office at sainteanswythe@yahoo.co.uk.


ANNIVERSARIES:  6th Iris Brady, 7th Stanley Burvill, 11th Ted Armitage, 13th Beresford Wood.


This month’s music list: TBA when services in church resume.

Previous music lists are on the Choir and Organ page.